Spine and Sports Solutions

This page has nothing to do with real estate.  I just wanted to spread the word about what I think is a great solution for those who are experiencing back pain.  My nineteen year old son has had back problems for the last couple of years, probably from participating in sports.  After trying different doctors and remedies, we feel fortunate to have discovered Dr. Harris and his procedures.  Dr. Harris doesn't do surgery, but rather, he treats the spine with needles.  This is NOT acupuncture, but rather, involves injecting treatment solutions directly on the effected nerves and structures.  

I have watched the procedures on my son.  They look sort of brutal but are only mildly discomforting and my son has experienced amazing relief.  The procedures are not expensive and only take about ten minutes.  Only two treatments returned him to a normal functioning life.  My son could have stopped right there and been very happy with the results but there is another procedure, called
Prolotherapy, that strengthens the structures in the back.  My son obtained a better life and now is done.

After seeing the relief that my son achieved I chose to have some of my old sports injuries treated.  I injured my wrist over twenty years ago and my shoulder about four years ago.  Neither injury was serious but I figured why put up with it if it can so easily be fixed.  I had three sessions of Prolotherapy over about four months.  The shoulder is completely better.  The wrist is not quite completely healed but I do have increased flexibility and less pain.  Well, I've said my piece, visit Dr. Harris' site linked above to learn more.  I highly recommend it.     


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