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This grand 3352 sqft home was built in 1938 and has modern wiring and plumbing and central air/heat.  It has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.  In addition to the 3352 sqft of living area the garage measures 1609 sqft and is made of the same brick as the house. 

This home is located in Lohn Texas which is 15 miles North of Brady and about fifteen miles form O.H. Ivey Lake.  Lohn is a little community of a few hundred people that has it's own school district with about 95 students K-12.  The Lohn School District has received the highest rating, Exemplary, from the results of the Texas Assessment of Academic Skills for four of the last five years.

The property is hooked up to the Lohn Community Water Supply.  The Lohn Community Water Supply is an excellent water system that utilizes the Hickory Underground Aquifer.  There is also a water well on the property that is not being utilized.

This home contains an amazing amount of wood.  All the walls are double wooded.  There is no sheet rock or plywood in any of the walls.  A nail or screw can be fastened in any location, making picture hanging or shelving very easy and secure.  The combination of brick and solid wood makes the home extremely energy efficient.  Utility bills in the non-summer months run around $100 for this family of three.  The summer months will see around $200 bills.  Homes today are simply not built to this high standard, the cost would be too high.  The home was also designed in a such a way so as to create cooling breezes with the windows open, lessening the need to use air conditioning in the spring and autumn.

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