Large Manufactured Home on 33 acres     $144,000

This is a well built 1992 Palm Harbor manufactured home with 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, central heat and air, and skylights.  A very large and nicely done garage and extra room have been added.  The kitchen has a cook top, double oven, and dishwasher.  The electric service is from Caprock Electric and the water is from the Richland Water Supply Corp.

The 33 acres is mostly wooded and has a large tank that is fed by a water well powered by a well maintained windmill.  There are catfish in the tank which are fed every day when the temperature is right. McCulloch County is a hunter's paradise where the white tail deer outnumber the people by 3 to 1 and wildlife do frequently visit this property.  Incidentally, the all time non-typical whitetail deer was brought down, way back in 1892 in our county.  A photograph of the head can be seen on the Farm Bureau Insurance site.  The Mercury area is serviced by a paved Farm/Market Road and is mostly an agricultural area.

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1992 Palm Harbor with added                                         skylights in kitchen and bath
attached garage                                   living             kitchen/breakfast    master bath
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pond with water well                                    other buildings
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    3-1 1/2 mobile with central heat and air
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