The house was built by Walter Anderson between 1890 and
1899.  The house still remains in its original condition with the exception
of a bedroom and bathroom that were added during World War I. 

The Henry Paxton Jordan family purchased the house from Anderson
in 1899 and the house remained in the Jordan family until 1971.

Joseph Jordan, H.P. Jordan's father, immigrated to Brady in 1876, the
year McCulloch County was incorporated.  Joseph was an architect and
builder who built many of the homes of Brady such as the White family homes.

In 1885 he was the contractor for the first building of the First Christian Church.

H. P. Jordan and his wife Mary Alma, moved in the residence when they
married in 1899.  H.P. Jordan died in 1954 followed by Mary Alma in1959.

Lemay Fordan Darley, daughter, and Jacqueline Ruffin, granddaughter, occupied
the home through 1971, a total of 72 years of occupancy by the Jordan family.

H.P Jordan was instrumental in the initial growth of Brady in that he helped
bring Swedes to the community.  According to W. N. White, it wasn't until
the Swedes arrived that the community began to be known as a farming
community.  The growth of the farming industry was essential to the overall
growth of Brady during a period from 1898 to 1906.


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