Hill Country Ranch in Mason County, Texas

1755 acres   $1195 per acre

This property can be divided roughly in half.

Beautiful working ranch, one of the last ones left in the area, located in the
rolling Hill Country of Central Texas, 14 miles west of Mason.  Water is
abundant on this property, both subterranean well water and spring fed surface
water.  The area abounds with wild life, making it a hunter's dream come true.
It is heavily populated with white tail deer, quail, turkey and dove.  The climate
and terrain are ideal for exotic imports.  There is an abundance of live oak,
post oak, forbs, and native grasses, but little mesquite or cedar.  This property
includes Cut Off mountain, elevation 1954 feet, topped by a plateau of about 30
acres.  The mountain is an excellent game retreat and has a view to the distant
horizon in all directions.  The ranch is rectangular in shape and has excellent
access with about one and a half miles of frontage on U.S. 377.  Big Bluff
Creek, a large wet weather creek runs in front of the cabin.   1999 taxes with
agricultural exemption:  $1968


Fenced and cross-fenced into 2 large pastures, 1 large trap, holding pens, and
Working pens of welded pipe construction
Four windmills with large concrete tanks and troughs.  Other capped wells
Hunting cabin with hot and cold running water, full bath, propane refrigerator
     and range.
Various barns and outbuildings, including a concrete block safe-house or
     storeroom for tack and other valuables.
Welded steel deer-feeder enclosures
Several spring fed surface tanks-all have water
One mile graded road from highway to cabin
South side of property has 1.5 miles of frontage on paved U.S. Highway 377
West side of property has 2.1 miles frontage on unpaved county road.

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these photos were taken at just about the most unflattering time of year
(mid Feb.) and during drought conditions.  This has got to be a gorgeous place
in the spring time.

the cabin area

the creek area
creek2926.jpg (36349 bytes)   creek3927.jpg (29557 bytes)   

Cut Off mountain                                                         on top looking east  

on top looking north      another north            south                       west
   vw2919.jpg (31538 bytes)          vw3920.jpg (32170 bytes)   vw4921.jpg (18659 bytes)   county road in background

view from top of mountain looking at other leg of the "L" shaped mountain
vw6924.jpg (26203 bytes)  

typical view of the 30 acre area on top of Cut Off mountain, the top is flat and

a couple of the ponds

pens of welded pipe construction, they are so large that it is difficult to capture
them all in a single photo

close up map        
the property is rectangular in shape with US 377 forming the southern
boundary and a county road forming the western border. Cut Off Mountain
in the southwest corner is actually a larger feature than is suggested by the
little symbol. The symbol is at the northern tip and the mountain extends to
the south about half way toward 377. Big Bluff Creek actually has another
branch that joins the branch shown west of the cabin and extends westerly
off of the property.

this property has been sold