170 Acers with a Manufactured Home     $135,000

This property offers a lot of peace and quiet as well as great recreational activates and a nice comfortable home.  The front area of about 30 acres is wooded with large mesquite and some Oak.  The front area has two ponds.  The back area is used for growing crops for two growing seasons per year, usually wheat during the first season and hay during the last.  Lease income is $1400 annual.  The home is a 1999 16x80 Fleetwood.  It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms with central heat and air.  There is a good bit of personal property included; two refrigerators, a deep freeze, washer/dryer, expensive sleeper couch, all beds, and some other furniture.  The barn is very nice, measuring 42 x 48, with automatic doors, water, lots of outlets.  Water is supplied by the excellent water system of the City of Melvin.

The area has a lot of wildlife including deer, turkey, dove, and quail.  In addition to hunting, the property is located within 10 miles of the boat dock of the lake.  Brady Lake is one of the many lakes in Texas that was built in the sixties to better control the State's watersheds.  With 25 miles of shoreline and a maximum depth of 64 feet, the lake is an excellent size for recreational activities.  The lake is only barely developed, located in a vast area of low population, making the greatest amenity of the lake the fact that there are simply never many people using it.

Owner is willing to finance with good down payment.    

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located on county road just off of US 87 3-2 with CH/CA home and barn back portion kitchen
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well built barn typical views of front wooded area pond
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this property has sold