Hill Country Style at a West Texas Price     346.45 acres     $825/acre

This parcel of land is located 16 miles west of the official boundary of "The Texas Hill Country" so is not technically in the hill country, but the property does have the wooded native rangeland that is characteristic of the land to the east.  This property is officially designated to be in the Edward's Plateau area of Texas, but when walking on the property one sees a landscape that is different from the typical West Texas landscape.  Deer, turkey, bird hunting are excellent.  I scared up a lot of deer, turkey, and quail the afternoon that I took these photos.

The property is about one half wooded.  It is predominately Oak covered with very large growth.  There are a few Pecan trees and a very small amount of Mesquite.  The other half is divided into two fields of improved grass that have been in the CRP for about 11 years until September of this year.  A water well, drilled to 75 feet with a water level of about 36 feet, services three water toughs that are spaced widely apart so as to provide water for wildlife and livestock throughout the entire property.  The well is powered by a Pumptec motor with an automatic cutoff.  Other improvements include a two car garage that is made of rock and is very durable, a barn with pens, in average condition, that can store hay or grain.

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Concho County This oak is the largest of
the many large trees.  The property is nicely wooded.
typical view of the NW
portion of the property
water trough is the NW
water well, pump house in 
background, north-central
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2 grain tanks, 1000 bushel
north-central area
a very solid structure with a tin roof, north-central barn & pens
solid planking for holding grain
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typical view of the NE
portion of the property
typical view of the NE
portion of the property
much of the NE portion is
thick like a jungle
it looks like bottom-land
near a creek

holding reservoir, located in
the middle of the property
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water near the middle
typical view, SE Mesquite-Oak mix, SE

31.4 acres of improved grass
152.5 acres of improved grass
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water is pumped to the holding
reservoir and then piped to 
three troughs
Pumptec motor with an
automatic cutoff
killed in NW portion in Dec 01, property was not hunted last year      water servicing pens 
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This property has been sold