Hunting Property with Rural Water     552 acres     

This ranch is predominately wooded with Oak and a lesser amount of Mesquite and is located along U.S. Highway 377 with 1.9 miles of road frontage.  The Richland Water Supply Corporation serves several counties and is an excellent water source.  It is rectangular shaped and has Corn Creek running throughout the middle of the property's length.  The creek flows through a rugged and scenic terrain as it winds along and branches out while traversing the property on it's way to the Colorado River located 6-7 miles to the north.  A portion of the creek is spring fed and was able to survive the 99 drought without going dry.  Corn Creek has the potential to be dammed up and create a lake of surface water, as has been done on other ranches in the area.  The availability of the Richland water pipe, telephone, and three phase electrical power provides the prerequisite services for high end residential construction.  The land has excellent grass cover with few rocks.  A county road runs along the other long side, providing access on two sides.  The wildlife is also excellent with plenty of big deer, turkey, dove & quail. 
Curtis Field, Brady's municipal airport, is located 15 miles to the south.

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17 miles N of Brady rugged and scenic along the creek
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winding through the hilly terrain
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this parcel is largely an Oak forest few rocks/excellent grass
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hilltop views 1.9 miles of frontage on 377
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