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smaller communities

   Burnet    Bertram    Burnet County E    Park Rd 4 / Hoover Valley
   Horseshoe Bay    Bluelake Deerhaven Sandy Harbor Oak Ridge    Burnet County NW    Spicewood
   Kingsland    Buchanan    Burnet County S    Tobeyville
   Llano    Colorado Arm / Burnet Cty    Burnet County W  
   Marble Falls    Cottonwood Shores    Burnet County/Lake Travis  
   Meadowlakes    Granite Shoals    Llano County NE  
      Highland Haven/Shady Acre    Llano County NW  
   Inks    Llano County SE  
   Sunrise Beach    Llano County SW
   Waterfront - can be used along with all locations and types

Property Type - all that apply
  Residential - singe family
   Residential - condo/townhouse
   Residential - manufactured home w/real property
   Residential lots
   Multi Family

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