640 acres with house and other improvements           $695/acre
approximately 235 acres of great hunting rangeland   $725/acre
the smaller tract is highlighted in yellow.
These are absolutely firm prices

This is a beautiful area of hills and valleys.  This property is mostly native rangeland with a
predominant Oak cover with some Mesquite and Cedar.  There is also 55 acres of
pasture planted in Klien grass.  The house(orange X) is supplied with water from the
Richland Water Supply Corp.  The water meter is located at the southwest corner of the
property.  A 100 ft well near the house supplies water to a reservoir for the cattle.   There are six
ponds(blue X) on the property.  The owner runs 30-40 head of cattle and, as you can
see, has a lot of cross fencing for management of the cattle.  This is a well run operation.
The deer hunting is excellent and the turkey hunting is excellent during the springtime.
There are no hunting or grazing leases.

this property is no longer for sale

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