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Welcome to the Brady/McCulloch County area of Central Texas. This area of Texas actually has a much lower population count than it did before the drought of the 1950's. If you are seeking a beautiful Hill Country property that is not yet overrun with people then this area is "THE LAST PLACE LEFT"
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Hello, my name is BRAD BOWEN and I would be happy to help Hunters, Retirees, or others to find their ranch or home in this undiscovered part of the famous Texas Hill Country.

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The lifestyle of the Brady Texas area has a lot to offer:   weather comparable to Southern California, low crime, safe streets, safe neighborhoods.  It's almost like moving back to the fifties.  Friendly people, no lines, no congestion, no road rage, family values.  Church and school related activities are important community events.  We are out of the rat race, but still well within the human race, 2 hours to Austin or San Antonio, 1 hour to Fredericksburg or San Angelo.  Excellent modern medical facility for emergency, standard medical or diagnostic requirements.  Excellent recreational activities right in town:  golf-hunting-fishing-boating all with no lines and no excessive fees.

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The McCulloch County Courthouse is the center of the community of Brady. Construction of the present courthouse was completed in 1899 and is designated as a recorded Texas Historic Landmark significant to the history of the community and the State. It is constructed of native stone from two local quarries and houses the county government.

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The Heart of Texas Historical Museum is housed in the old McCulloch County Jail. The jail was constructed in 1910 at a cost of $14,418.75. The three-story structure served as the county's correctional facility until 1974, when it was deeded to the Heart of Texas Historical Museum.

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In 1903 the townspeople of Brady, Texas turned out to welcome their first train; a Frisco train. It was a major event! The Depot is a beautiful example of the age of the railway, with its segmented arches, red tile roof, corbelled brickwork, stained glass ticket windows, and rich warm woodwork.  Today, the Heart of Texas Depot and Restaurant offers a memorable dinning experience and takes you back to an era when travel was special and not just another chore.  325-597-2283     

Brady Lake is one of the many lakes in Texas that was built in the sixties to better control the State's watersheds.  With 25 miles of shoreline and a maximum depth of 64 feet, the lake is an excellent size for recreational activities.  The lake is only barely developed, located in a vast area of low population, making the greatest amenity of the lake the fact that there are simply never many people using it.
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Brady Municipal Golf Course

Richard's Park is a large old playground and recreation area

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G. Rollie White Complex         Rodeo Info
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Heart of Texas Memorial Hospital     hospital information
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Local Churches

 Appleton Mercantile - Apparel, Antiques, Gifts
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Ricks Home Furnishings - Serving Central Texas for over 65 years


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  Evridge's-Most Exciting Department Store in Central Texas!


Heart of Texas Country Music Museum
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The "Heart of Texas" Bed & Breakfast         325-597-0120
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bestW.jpg (18977 bytes)Best Western Motel  325 597-3997

Brady's Municipal Airport               Curtis Field    
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Courthouse during Christmas
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good news about area schools!  

Wal-Mart and McDonald's - no photos, everyone knows what they look like.
                           I just want everyone to know that Brady is not too Podunk to
                           have them :-)

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