233 acres at $900/acre

This property is located near US 377 just a few miles north of the Colorado
River in Brown County.  The property has a water meter from the Brooksmith
Water Pipe although the faucet is located not quite to the cabin.  The property
is heavily wooded with very little open areas.  It has a brand new fence all the
way around.  No mineral convey with the property.  I inquired as to whether
the minerals are not available or if they were choosing to retain whatever it
is that they own.  The agent at this time did not know for sure. 

The property is described as having rolling hills with mesquite flats.  Liveoak,
elm, mesquite and some cedar.  It has rural water pipe, a spring, and two tanks.

These photos were taken about a year ago so the presents of water may not be
as it appears in these photos.

img041.jpg (18492 bytes)

the spring
img042.jpg (25315 bytes)

the cabin
img043.jpg (14040 bytes)

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