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Hello, I'm Brad Bowen.  I would be delighted to assist you in a search of the Abilene MLS data base.  Ever wondered about the selling price of the house down the street?..... ever had a question about the Abilene real estate market?..... ever wondered about property similar to your home?

Getting answers is easy, I can even set you up to receive automated updates.

Send me an email with your question and I'll get back to you with the search results: 


Submit a form of questions.  Either way, I'll get back to you with the search results.


For a quick unassisted search, with no sign up requirement, the tool below will be helpful.

I have tried to make the unassisted search as user friendly as possible but these public tools, including Realtor.com, do not produce up to date data.  In active markets, Realtor.com will misinform often.  For a more accurate search and to enjoy the automated email capability, please keep in mind my offer to search for you.

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