Good hunting property in Coleman County   299.7 acres of native ranch land   $850/acre

This property is located near Trickham.  It is located about 4/10ths of a mile off of County Road 212 at the end of a thirty foot wide proscribed easement.   The fences are in good shape and all of the mineral rights are intact.  The property has one established pond and one newly dug pond.  There is a lot of clay in the soil and the tanks hold water very well.  Also, the Coleman County Water Corporation pipeline is located on County Road 212.

 There is a good sized hill on the property - no cropland creek


  heavily wooded wet whether            one pond           newly dug pond-lots of clay

entrance to easement         .4 mile down the easement is the gate to the property
299.7 acres of native ranch land   $850/acre
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