Buyer Inquiries

This office has received inquiries from Buyers wishing to purchase the
following types of property.  Please contact Brad Bowen if you would like
your property presented to one of these prospects.

11-7    wanted:  1000-2000 acres between Eden, Ballinger, Santa Anna, Brady
11-7    wanted:  half section for hunting and fishing in McCulloch or Concho County
9-5      wanted:  half a section for hunting and grazing with water and elect.
8-15    wanted:  home under $25,000, in a secluded area,  just for weekends
6-28    wanted:   Home on Brady Lake, up to 50K
5-30    wanted:   2500sqft+ home, up to 200K, will be in Brady on June 18
5-17    wanted:   home with min. of 10 acres, up to 150K, will be in Brady area on June 20
4-24    wanted:   around 70 acres of remote hunting land, 95K
4-12    wanted:   home in Brady, 60-85K
4-2      wanted:   200-500 acres in kimble, concho, mason, mcculloch, san saba, 
or llano
3-31    wanted:   home in Brady from 40K to 50K, financing has been pre approved
3-12    wanted:   home with at least one acre, up to 125K
2-19    wanted:   an area business such as a feed store
                           or ranch supply, up to 400K
2-10    wanted:   50 to 150 acres of land to purchase for hunting
2-6      wanted:   1000 to 2000 acres, up to 800/acre
2-1      wanted:   elegant home with privacy, up to 200K, maybe more
1-20    wanted:   Brady/Mason area, 150-200 with or without a home, up to
1-4      wanted:   home within 25 miles of Brady, 4BR 2B , 2500+ sqft, large kitchen, 
                           up to 150K
12-28  wanted:   10-100 acres, heavily treed with utilities on site or nearby
11-24  wanted:   2-3 bedroom brick home, central heat and air, up to 60K
11-8    wanted:   40 acres with home in good structural, electrical and plumbing repair      with 3b/2b, up to 150K
10-31  wanted:   2 sections northwest of Brady, up to 1 million
10-26  wanted:   25-80 acres with nice home, up to 160K
10-25  wanted:   looking for a piece of land located inside a Junction, Hext,
                           Brady, Llano, I-10 Area.  Up to 200K
10-18  wanted:   cash buyer for house up to $30,000
10-18  wanted:   1000-1500 acres a house and water
10-11  wanted:   200-300 wooded acres on U.S. 377
9-20    wanted:   large brick home in Brady with an abundance of parking
                           available.  To be used for church meetings. 
8-25    wanted:  150-300 acres, mostly wooded, with large body of water, nice home would
                           be good, up to 450K
8-22    wanted:  400-500 acres for horses with nice 3000+sqft home, up to 800K 
8-11    wanted:   house with small acreage, up to 80K
8-2      wanted:   house with small acreage, up to 100K, would like tank or
                           creek or pool on the property
7-26    wanted:   150-300 acres for hunting
6-14    wanted:   150-200 acres for hunting, up to 200K
5-25    wanted:   grazing lease for 125 head, doesn't have to be all in
                            one lease.
5-12    wanted:  15,000+ acres, located in Central Texas or West Texas,                     
5-11    wanted:  heavily wooded property, with tank  65- 70K
5-11    wanted:  1000-1500 acres, mostly wooded
5-9      wanted:  50 to 60 acres of remote rough land
4-21    wanted:  home with acreage up to 110k
4-15    wanted:  10-20 acres near East Sweden
4-13    wanted:  home up to 27K around Lohn, Menard, Melvin, or in the
4-4      wanted:  small money making motel, around 1.3 million
4-4      wanted:  about 5-10 acres with access to water, 20K
3-29    wanted:  horse/week-end property, 20-30 acres, 80K
3-28    wanted:  hunting property, 75-125k
3-27    wanted:  home in the country, around 100k
3-27    wanted:  home under $25,000 just for weekends
3-10    wanted:  weekend hunting and fishing retreat, 300-600K
3-6      wanted:  3500-7000 acres of ranchland with some cultivation, up to
                          $750 acre
3-5      wanted:  Oak wooded 100-150 acres, electricity and water, up to $150,000
2-15    wanted:  500+ acres of wooded property with water
1-29    wanted:  good hunting property, up to $120,000
1-17    wanted:  40-100 acres with lots of oak trees that is somewhat secluded
                          and away from anything residential
1-10    wanted:  300-500 acres of unimproved with water in the Brady/
                          Menard area
12-31  wanted:  200-300 acres in Coleman County or north McCulloch County
                          or eastern Concho County, up to $600/acre
12-17  wanted:  160+ acres within 40 miles of Mason, up to 400K
                          desire rocky outcropping
12-17  wanted:  150-500 acres up to 1000/acre, for hunting
12-17  wanted:  20-40 acres with or without a house in Lohn school district
                          up to $40,000
12-10  wanted:  have 300K no financing needed, looking for hunting property
                          with or without a house, prefer water on property
12-7    wanted: 75-150 acres $1,500 or less, wooded
12-6    wanted: very heavily wooded building site, up to 150K
12-5    wanted: acreage between Llano, Brady, Mason.  Have 20K for
                         down payment
12-4    wanted: 50-100 wooded acres  $1,000/ acre
11-29  wanted: River front acreage with structure or buildable.
                         $ 250K - 300K+
11-27 wanted:  50-60 acres of raw land
11-23 wanted:  hunting land, 100-200 acres
11-23 wanted:  Home with 5-15 acres, up to $115,000
11-04 wanted:  50 acres with water and elect., $600-850/acre
10-14 wanted:  land with no improvements, up to 400-500K
10-12 wanted:  a section for quail hunting, up to 500K
10-7 wanted:  100-400 acres in the price range of 500-1200 per acre
9-22 wanted:  300-600 acres with no improvements
9-14 wanted:  200 acres with house, up to $250-300K
9-7   wanted:   640 acres south of Brady
9-3   wanted:  50 - 60 acres at about $1000 an acre
8-31 wanted:  Home up to 80K with sprinkler system and other amenities
8-31 wanted:  40 acres, fenced, with a livable house
8-18 wanted:  40-300 acres of unimproved wooded land
8-18 wanted:  2-1 house up to $25,000, cash deal
8-16 wanted:  house and 100-200 acres, up to $200,000
8-7   wanted:  200 to 400 prime hunting acres
7-18 wanted:  5-30 acres with home, secluded, up to $100,000
7-9   wanted:  80-150 acres in the Brady/Mason/San Saba area, no house
6-22 wanted:  100 acres or less of native rangeland, no house
6-17 wanted:  acreage with or without house, up to $120,000
6-9   wanted:  2-5 acres in the Brownwood-Richland Springs area
6-7   wanted:  150-250 acres around McCulloch County, with/without house
6-4   wanted:  Nice home in the country with ten or more acres
6-3   wanted:  acreage located within 30 miles of Eden, up to $120,000
                       with or without house
5-10 wanted:   Brady-Mason-Menard area, 300-400 acres with a house
5-3   wanted:   75-200 acres with well anywhere in the Hill Country
4-22 wanted:  100-200 acres with nice brick home anywhere in Hill Country
4-21 wanted:   home in Brady, $40,000 - $55,000
4-21 wanted:  150-300 acres of rangeland with good building site
4-13 wanted:  400-500 acres with house or large fairly new trailer home
4-7   wanted:  small hunting tracts
3-31 wanted:  100 acres in Hill Country
3-26 wanted:  300-400 acres near Brady, 1/2 woods 1/2 field
3-18 wanted:  400-600 acres with good quail population
3-11 wanted:  100-200 unimproved acres around Mills County
3-6   wanted:  3-2 brick home in Brady area, up to 75K
3-5   wanted:  4000-5000 cattle acre ranch, up to 2.5 million
3-2   wanted:  up to 100K for house with acreage


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