Properties are published on this web site at no charge.  These presentations on this most powerful Real Estate sales tool in McCulloch County are part of the marketing effort of Bowen Real  Estate.  Just give me a call or email or stop by the office and I will come out to your property and photograph and gather information and get your property exposed on the Internet.  

The Internet is playing an increasingly important role in providing Buyers with information about property that is for sale and this trend is even more important for McCulloch County because a majority of the Buyers of recreational hunting property and higher valued retirement property live outside of our area.  These Buyers do not receive local media but they do tend to surf the Internet. provides these potential Buyers with an excellent resource for learning about and viewing a property from their own home or office far away.  Privacy, convenience, rich content, and the ability to ask questions of providers are just a few reasons why people prefer the Internet to other media.

You come to me..........or I'll come to you


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